Sunday, August 10, 2014

Original or Tribute?

Recently I have been asked what I thought of tribute bands. I began to get a negative vibe from the question itself. Are those bands really loving playing the music of their idol for themselves or for the falling’s fans? How can we know for sure what the intentions are behind the mimicking of the person or people that once took the stage as a favorite band or group?
  I have seen a few tribute bands and some go all out and make sure that even their tattoos look the same. Others just go out there and make the most of a wardrobe look alike and just play the heck out of the music that once filled their ears with rhythmic joy. There is something about walking in to a theatre or your favorite venue and listening to the sounds of your 'old school' band or group that brings back wonderful memories. This might tell me that if I created a tribute band, it might be for the fans. It's a feeling of retrospect. To be able to be taken to a place in the past that felt just right some how.

  There may be those out there who would create a band with the intention of just living in someone else's dream. Almost shadowing the fame of their fallen idol. This type of tribute isn't much of a tribute. These are the ones who just want the glory of living the life that they couldn't make with their own creativity. I believe they will still get the recognition of the band but at what cost? If you have it in you to play exactly like the band or group you idolize, why not show the world and yourself how original you are by chasing your own dream knowing you made it on your own accord.

  I enjoy all bands and groups alike. Tribute bands warm my heart when they touch the memories of what that band or group stood for in their time. I just want these people to enjoy the gift that was given to them with their own music too.

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  1. Hello,

    I have enjoyed many cover bands and tribute bands in the past. It's the closest thing to actually seeing the real artist unless the artist has passed away. As you mentioned, how are we really supposed to know if the tribute bands are doing it for the love of the artist music or for the money and attention. I used to live in the UK and there was couple of tribute bands covering Depeche Mode. I enjoyed listening to these bands, even though they were far from the real thing. Thanks for your post.