Sunday, September 14, 2014


 StudioKnights has recently had an opportunity to be a part of a pilot reality webisode for Michaux TV. In this process we learned a lot about collaboration and problem solving effectively to complete a successful project. The musicians’ process is a grueling one and to have it filmed can be an efficient way to critique and memorialize the studio recording process. Most of all, it is a way to break down those barriers and really get to the root of emotions to allow for the creative process.

(Michaux & Tyrone Vaughan)

Collaborating with various artists in the studio is a very rewarding process. The more people involved in a music setting always allows for an in depth structure to the project. Each person brings a unique perspective to the goal of the album. This also means that everyone must learn to take others’ opinions and put them in to consideration before dismissing them.

Being in the studio for hours on end is very trying for everyone involved. There is a technical difficulty that arise and that is when emotions can run high. Learning to be an efficient problem solver and troubleshoot the issues thoroughly can take time and patience. It is important to look at things in a “glass half full” perspective.

Once the process is complete each person walks away knowing their fellow collaborators on a different level. The barrier that set them apart at the beginning is broken down and the creative juices have been tapped in to. You gain a view of each other that opens respect of another artists’ hard work and efforts in this very competitive music world.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Original or Tribute?

Recently I have been asked what I thought of tribute bands. I began to get a negative vibe from the question itself. Are those bands really loving playing the music of their idol for themselves or for the falling’s fans? How can we know for sure what the intentions are behind the mimicking of the person or people that once took the stage as a favorite band or group?
  I have seen a few tribute bands and some go all out and make sure that even their tattoos look the same. Others just go out there and make the most of a wardrobe look alike and just play the heck out of the music that once filled their ears with rhythmic joy. There is something about walking in to a theatre or your favorite venue and listening to the sounds of your 'old school' band or group that brings back wonderful memories. This might tell me that if I created a tribute band, it might be for the fans. It's a feeling of retrospect. To be able to be taken to a place in the past that felt just right some how.

  There may be those out there who would create a band with the intention of just living in someone else's dream. Almost shadowing the fame of their fallen idol. This type of tribute isn't much of a tribute. These are the ones who just want the glory of living the life that they couldn't make with their own creativity. I believe they will still get the recognition of the band but at what cost? If you have it in you to play exactly like the band or group you idolize, why not show the world and yourself how original you are by chasing your own dream knowing you made it on your own accord.

  I enjoy all bands and groups alike. Tribute bands warm my heart when they touch the memories of what that band or group stood for in their time. I just want these people to enjoy the gift that was given to them with their own music too.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Future of Films?

The film industry has been evolving for decades. When I think of the future in regards to movie theaters and the evolution of the film process I can only wonder. There have been many wonderful movies and many great ideas. We have to ask ourselves what we think the future is. I’m sure we all wonder at times about the future of the film industry. If you ask me I believe the industry has come an extremely long way since the beginning of silent films.

Many screenwriters and producers feel that the future of films will still be around but perhaps in a different form. The idea of bigger screens and less theaters with higher prices gets closer every day. The media industries as a whole if you ask me are all full of surprises.

When you go to the movie theater it just about cost on average $20.00 per person. Depending on the location and the type of film (IMAX or 3D) the cost can vary. This does not include drink or food prices. The last time I took my family to a film it cost close to $100.00.

Take a moment and look at the interesting article of what the pros think about the future of the film industry in regards to filmmakers and moviegoers (ClickHere).

Now that you have read the article I encourage you to let me know what you think. Do you think that these pros are correct about the future? What do you think the future of the industry will be like? I would hate to think that our movie experience would be like a ‘Broadway’ play. There are many ideas. What do you think about the future of 3D films?

Check out this article I found on 3D films (ClickHere). The film industry are coming out with more advanced graphics and the rise of the digital age is amongst us. Filmmakers play a whole new role in creation. Do you think this role is harder or easier?

Please as always, leave your comments below.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the fame part of being a celebrity. I know that everyone at one point or another dreams of a life style full of riches and the appearance of popularity but is it really something to pine over? I have seen many celebrities in and out of my studio which lead me to wonder what it is that is so attractive about the life that some even try to avoid.

 We see the lights and fabulous clothing with the glitz and glam that makes it look so appealing.  That is what we see. I have been with some of these celebrities who just want to relax and enjoy a moment while adoring fans just want a piece of them. A token to show off to all they know and who will listen.  I have learned to have some respect for these icons. I only wish all would have the same. There is a time and place for autographs and photos so why is it so hard to just let people, even famous people, just live out their lives?

 I am not saying that because they are superstars they shouldn’t expect the attention but it’s gotten to a point of a violation of privacy.  Paparazzi will do anything for that top dollar photo because people will want it and will pay for it. I mean when is it too far? When I was growing up, a magazine ad about a famous person was enough for me. I didn’t have to have talk to that person or idolize that person. I wanted to identify with them but not smother them.

 Many very talented people exit the scene altogether because that part of the lifestyle is not worth losing themselves. It’s a difficult position to be in when you can’t even go grocery or clothes shopping without a mob of photographers wanting a snap of you. I talk to my associates about how we can identify with Michael Jackson having a complete ranch to himself, not because he had the ability to attain such things for entertainment but to be able to enjoy life without the obstruction of privacy.

 There may never be peace for celebrities in the way I hope but at least I have shed some light on how we all need our individuality to be the humans that we are.  The next time you see someone famous you may give them some breathing room to just be another human sharing the same space as you. I know that the celebrities I have encountered have not only appreciated it but they even complimented me on it.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Canon EOS 70D

Lets talk about the Canon EOS 70D. This camera is perfect for commercial and film work. I have recently got to check this camera out and it is powerful. The body build of this camera is like most of the other cameras from the Cannon line. For the first time this camera has auto focus while recording that allows you to point and touch the screen to auto adjust to a certain object being recorded rather than hoping for the camera to automatically figure out what it is your wanting it to pick up visually.

The EOS 70D retails for $1,199.00 and the quality of picture taking and filmmaking are unlimited. This powerhouse will forever change the way we create art and tackle projects. We no longer have to struggle with stabilization since this release of the revolutionary autofocus technology. I ask you to step inside of Best Buy or a Cannon retailer to check this camera out. Ask about the new autofocus and you will be stunned at how easy and fun this camera can be.

Another really cool thing about the 70D is that the face recognition for this camera is amazing and can allow automatic tracking regardless of how fast or slow the motion is without any noise or interlacing issues. Here is a clip of a short film done with the Cannon EOS 70D only. Lets keep in mind that the lenses are being changed depending on the lighting in each scene.

In the end this camera would be the best bang for the buck when working on commercial viable grade short films or any media for that matter. If you already own some of the lenses than this camera will be a walk in the park. Thanks for reading this blog.

As always, please leave comments and feel free to ask questions. From all of us here at Studio Knights let the good times roll.