Sunday, February 23, 2014

Canon EOS 70D

Lets talk about the Canon EOS 70D. This camera is perfect for commercial and film work. I have recently got to check this camera out and it is powerful. The body build of this camera is like most of the other cameras from the Cannon line. For the first time this camera has auto focus while recording that allows you to point and touch the screen to auto adjust to a certain object being recorded rather than hoping for the camera to automatically figure out what it is your wanting it to pick up visually.

The EOS 70D retails for $1,199.00 and the quality of picture taking and filmmaking are unlimited. This powerhouse will forever change the way we create art and tackle projects. We no longer have to struggle with stabilization since this release of the revolutionary autofocus technology. I ask you to step inside of Best Buy or a Cannon retailer to check this camera out. Ask about the new autofocus and you will be stunned at how easy and fun this camera can be.

Another really cool thing about the 70D is that the face recognition for this camera is amazing and can allow automatic tracking regardless of how fast or slow the motion is without any noise or interlacing issues. Here is a clip of a short film done with the Cannon EOS 70D only. Lets keep in mind that the lenses are being changed depending on the lighting in each scene.

In the end this camera would be the best bang for the buck when working on commercial viable grade short films or any media for that matter. If you already own some of the lenses than this camera will be a walk in the park. Thanks for reading this blog.

As always, please leave comments and feel free to ask questions. From all of us here at Studio Knights let the good times roll.

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