Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the fame part of being a celebrity. I know that everyone at one point or another dreams of a life style full of riches and the appearance of popularity but is it really something to pine over? I have seen many celebrities in and out of my studio which lead me to wonder what it is that is so attractive about the life that some even try to avoid.

 We see the lights and fabulous clothing with the glitz and glam that makes it look so appealing.  That is what we see. I have been with some of these celebrities who just want to relax and enjoy a moment while adoring fans just want a piece of them. A token to show off to all they know and who will listen.  I have learned to have some respect for these icons. I only wish all would have the same. There is a time and place for autographs and photos so why is it so hard to just let people, even famous people, just live out their lives?

 I am not saying that because they are superstars they shouldn’t expect the attention but it’s gotten to a point of a violation of privacy.  Paparazzi will do anything for that top dollar photo because people will want it and will pay for it. I mean when is it too far? When I was growing up, a magazine ad about a famous person was enough for me. I didn’t have to have talk to that person or idolize that person. I wanted to identify with them but not smother them.

 Many very talented people exit the scene altogether because that part of the lifestyle is not worth losing themselves. It’s a difficult position to be in when you can’t even go grocery or clothes shopping without a mob of photographers wanting a snap of you. I talk to my associates about how we can identify with Michael Jackson having a complete ranch to himself, not because he had the ability to attain such things for entertainment but to be able to enjoy life without the obstruction of privacy.

 There may never be peace for celebrities in the way I hope but at least I have shed some light on how we all need our individuality to be the humans that we are.  The next time you see someone famous you may give them some breathing room to just be another human sharing the same space as you. I know that the celebrities I have encountered have not only appreciated it but they even complimented me on it.

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